Canadian Mandate Compliant

Be Canadian Mandate ready with Switchboard

Switchboard is now the first and only 3rd party certified ELD in Canada

Join 2000+ Canadian long haul companies using Switchboard automatically compliant under the 3rd party certification rule of the Canadian Mandate, taking effect June 12th, 2021, by using Switchboard.

Why Switchboard?

Easy to Use

Onboard your drivers onto Switchboard in under 10 minutes. Set up a free account and see just how simple ELDs and hours of service could be.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our reliability and being there for our users when it matters most. Available via hotline, online chat & SMS messaging at all times.


As a Canadian company, we’ve focused on ensuring your ELDs will be connected on all routes – this means no violations from ‘dead zones’.

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Our Features

Asset Tracking & GPS

Track your entire fleet and monitor assets in one place with our Asset Trackers

IFTA Automation

Calculate vehicle mileages in minutes, not hours, with the power of automation

Vehicle Diagnostics

Get real-time diagnostic errors on vehicle issues so you can make critical decisions faster

Dispatch & Document Management

Provide excellent customer service and manage your drivers seamlessly

Vision Dashcam

Exonerate your drivers and save money on insurance costs

Weigh Scale Bypass

Save time and money with the largest scale bypass network in North America

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We know drivers and safety managers all love using Switchboard, but we want you to be just as confident in your choice. That’s why we’re offering you a 30-day trial, risk-free.
If you don’t like it, all you’ll need to do is return the trial device – it’s that simple.

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