Registering for IFTA in British Columbia

Everything you need to know to get your BC IFTA license.

If you are a trucking company operating out of British Columbia, Canada, you may need to register for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license in the province.

Even if your operations span across multiple other provinces or even down to the United States, as long as your carrier/business is based in British Columbia, you must register under the procedures for BC.

Not based in BC? Click here to find the IFTA registration guide for your province/state.

Do you have to register for IFTA in BC?

If you were wondering whether or not you’re exempt, know that you must register and file for IFTA if you have:

  • Any vehicle with two axles and a gross vehicle weight of over 11,797 kilograms or 26,000 pounds
  • A vehicle of any weight but with three or more axles
  • A vehicle that exceeds 11,797 kilograms or 26,000 pounds

Now, let’s get into the steps you need to take in order to register for a BC IFTA license.

How to register for an IFTA license in BC

You can register and renew for IFTA online using eTaxBC or by submitting a paper application (PDF).

You should renew the license every year before December 31st and submit the renewal application before November 30th to avoid any delays.

Cost of the BC IFTA license

For new IFTA applicants, the one time registration fee is $300, with an annual renewal fee of $100

How to file your IFTA return

The IFTA quarterly return requires complex calculations and knowledge of changing tax rates in jurisdictions.

For an in depth guide on how to calculate your IFTA mileage and taxes, read our article here.

 When you complete the electronic version of this return, the calculations are done for you and the tax rates for all jurisdictions are automatically updated.

Electronic versions of this return are available when you:

  • Use eTaxBC to file and pay your return, or
  • Use the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Quarterly Tax Return (FIN 360)

If you are not using eTaxBC, print your return and mail it to the address on the tax return. If you are making a payment, remember to include the Payment Voucher portion of the return voucher mailed to you.

How to renew your BC IFTA license

Your 2021 BC IFTA license and decals will expire on December 31, 2021. To ensure you receive your 2021 IFTA license and decals by January 1, 2022, renew no later than November 20, 2021.

There are 2 options for renewing your IFTA license, similar to the registration process.

Renew Online

Complete your renewal application and pay the $100 renewal fee online using eTaxBC.

Renew by Mail

Complete and sign the Application for Carrier License: International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) (FIN 363) and send it along with:

  1. The renewal payment voucher, and 
  2. Your $100 renewal fee by cheque or money order in Canadian funds payable to the Minister of Finance. 

Make sure you send your payment, voucher, and application together. If you send them separately, the processing time will be significantly delayed.

You must complete all boxes on the application. The Certification by Applicant (item 19 on the paper application) must be signed by an authorized signing authority. If the applicant is a corporation, the declaration must be signed by a member of the board of directors or an authorized employee of the corporation.

Exemptions for IFTA in BC

Certain businesses may be eligible to purchase fuel without paying tax. However, while some exemptions apply to both taxes, others apply only to motor fuel tax or to carbon tax.

Exemptions from motor fuel and carbon taxes

The following fuel is exempt from both motor fuel tax and carbon tax:

  • Fuel sold and exported outside B.C. under certain conditions
  • Fuel purchased on First Nations land by an eligible First Nations individual or band

Exemptions from motor fuel tax only 

The following fuel is exempt from motor fuel tax:

  • Effective April 1, 2018, marine diesel fuel purchased for and used in an interjurisdictional cruise ship or in a ship prohibited from coasting trade under the Coasting Trade Act (Canada)

Exemptions from carbon tax only 

The following fuel is exempt from carbon tax:

  • Fuel purchased by an end purchaser, who at the time of sale has entered into a contract with a common carrier to export the fuel from B.C. for their own use outside B.C.

If you’re not a registered consumer, you must pay tax when you purchase the fuel for use in these circumstances but you may apply for a refund.

Need to calculate your IFTA fuel tax and mileage?

Read our in depth guide below.