Get Asset Tracking technology for your business

Never lose track of your trailers

Get real time notifications when your trailers move and track their location in real-time.

Get real time visibility on all your assets

Improve customer retention

Providing real-time visibility and transparency to shipments builds trust, which leads to consistently returning customers. 

Save $1280/driver every year

That’s how much detention times can cost your business according to an FMCSA study. Our detention time reports help you identify ways to minimize this cost.

Prevent cargo theft losses

Get notified right away when your trailers leave a geofenced area when they are not supposed to. React in real time to prevent $10,000+ in losses.

Integrated with the rest of your fleet

Maximize trailer usage and improve delivery times by optimizing your operational efficiencies with location data, and eliminate yard hunts by never losing visibility to your trailers’ location.

Prevent theft and misuse

Get notified immediately when an asset leaves an area when it’s not supposed to. 

Save your fleet and safety managers hours every week by automating retrieving real time location data. Easily draw virtual boundaries once to eliminate the need to monitor movement asset movement manually.

Monitor sensitive cargo

Identify malfunctions or abnormalities in your refrigerated trailers with real time temperature and humidity monitoring.

Get notified instantly if temperature falls out of the required range.

Track on the go

Your drivers and assets are out in the field even when you aren’t in the office.

Have everything you need to continue managing your assets and drivers right in your pocket, and never miss an important notification.

Extra Benefits

Install in seconds

Switchboard is plug and play, focused on getting you up and running. 

7 Year Guarantee

That’s how confident we are that Switchboard asset trackers can withstand heavy duty environments.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers offer a premium discount on Truck Cargo insurance if you have asset trackers.