2020 Update from Transport Canada: Canadian ELD Mandate

3rd party certification for ELD providers in Canada is now a reality.

It has been over a year since the Government of Canada has provided an update on the Canadian ELD mandate, which is set to come into effect on June 12, 2021.

Unlike the US, to be compliant with the mandate, carriers must use an ELD approved by an accredited 3rd party organization. These 3rd parties will ensure that the ELDs are reliable, safe, compliant with the Canadian hours of service rules, and ultimately approved for use under the Canadian ELD mandate.

On Monday October 26, 2020, the Ministry of Transportation announced that FPInnovations is the first organization to be accredited to certify electronic logging devices in Canada.

After a rigorous process to become accredited, where they demonstrated compliance with the ISO/IEC 17065 (International Standard for Certification Bodies) standards, FPinnovations has stated:

“[We] will soon announce guidelines on how electronic logging device providers can apply for device certification.” 
Glen Légère, Senior Director at FPInnovations.

Here at Switchboard, we always believe that ELDs exist to not only simplify logs for hardworking drivers on the road, but to also unlock the true potential of fleets through data and technology.

That’s why we will be keeping a close eye on FPInnovations’ activity, so that as soon as their guidelines are released, we will be the first to send in the Switchboard ELD for 3rd party certification. Keep an eye out for Switchboard as we aim to become one of the leading certified ELDs in Canada.

If you are operating in Canada, ensure that the ELD you choose is actively looking to gain approval for the Canadian ELD Mandate, set to go in effect on June 12, 2021, through the 3rd party certification process. Otherwise you may be at risk for violations if you are not using a certified ELD.

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Read the official news release from the Government of Canada here