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Skip the Weigh Station

Deliver more loads in less miles.

We partnered with Drivewyze so you can bypass over 800 sites across US and Canada. All within our ELD app with no additional transponders.

Learn to use it in under 1 minute

Switchboard Weigh Station Bypass

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Get a notification when your truck is nearing a weigh station

Bypass Notification

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If you are allowed to skip the weigh station, a 'Bypass' sign and green circle pops up.


If you are not approved to bypass, a sign telling you to pull in, along with a red circle will pop up.

800 Sites in 47 States/Provinces

Switchboard Bypass enables you to skip:

512 Weigh Stations and Agricultural Inspection Sites

313 Operation Mobile Inspection Sites

Pick the shortest route for each trip without worrying about Weigh Stations along the way.

Switchboard Bypass Pays For Itself

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Save Time and Money

Switchboard Bypass saves its users $120/month per truck on average in fuel cost and productive time.


Safety + Compliance

Reduce risk with fewer lane changes, highway lineups, and merging. Never miss a required inspection with on-screen notifications.


No Transponders

There is no need to deal with complicated transponder management. Bypass is fully integrated with our ELD app. Just plug and play.


Simplification and Talent

For fleets – drivers are 3x more likely to work for a company with weigh station bypass capabilities. 

Ready for the Bypass Experience?

Start saving time and money today. Sign up for a 5 minute demo and free trial.

Managing a fleet?

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