No more fines.

Drivers get compliant with the DOT / NSC easily.

Driver Application

Simplify your logs

Switchboard lets you easily create hours of service logs that you can view, edit and email/fax. View and automatically keep track of your driving time and cycle hours, and update duty status with ease.

Switchboard Module

Install in minutes

Switchboard does not need any special wiring to get working. Just plug, and get started. No special bluetooth pairing required.

Free Features with Switchboard

Switchboard comes with the following features out of the box, and more!


Switchboard allows you to easily calculate your Hours-of-Service so you know when you can drive.

DOT Compliance

Switchboard is 100% compliant with FMCSA DOT, and NSC regulations for both AOBRDs and ELDs.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Records

Fill in your pre-trips and post-trips digitally with Switchboard.

Easy Installation

Switchboard allows you to get up and running in minutes, not days.