Fleet Management Simplified

All the features you want in a single platform

Elevate your trucking operations with Switchboard Cloud

Asset Tracking & GPS

Track your entire fleet and monitor assets in one place with our Asset Trackers

IFTA Automation

Calculate vehicle mileages in minutes, not hours, with the power of automation

Vehicle Diagnostics

Get real-time diagnostic errors on vehicle issues so you can make critical decisions faster

Dispatch & Document Management

Provide excellent customer service and manage your drivers seamlessly

Vision Dashcam

Exonerate your drivers and save money on insurance costs

Weigh Scale Bypass

Save time and money with the largest scale bypass network in North America

Empower yourself with data automation features for fleet management

Driver and Performance Management

Identify which of our drivers are on duty at any time, and view their:

Set up Geofences and Track Your Fleet

Create a geofence around any location that you want, which will allow you to:

Dispatch - Manage Your Jobs Seamlessly

Fill more orders and shorten your invoicing process by:

Live vehicle diagnostics

Save money and headaches by getting ahead of any issues in your fleet.

Save hours of admin work with automated IFTA Calculations

Get instant and automatic mileage report. 

By using a combination of GPS tracking and odometer readings, we ensure that you will have absolute accuracy when providing your mileage.

Plug and Play - Get Set Up In Minutes

Getting started with Switchboard is 4 quick steps:

1. Download the app here

2. Sign up for an account / free trial

3. Plug the ELD into your vehicle

4. Get started – With a step-by-step tutorial

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