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Unsure about Hours of Service rules?

Our on-screen countdown timer takes care of it for you.

Keeping track of all the hours of service rules takes too much effort when you have the rest of your job to worry about.

See how Switchboard can take that off your shoulders.

Change Country

On-Screen Countdown

Know exactly how much time is left for each hours-of-service rule:

  • Your chosen cycle
  • Current shift/day on-duty and driving
  • 30-minute break (US only)

Travelling between the US and Canada?

Switchboard automatically switches between US and Canada rules based on your GPS location

Switching Cycles

Pick your preferred cycle in 3 clicks:

  • US Cycles
    • 70 hours in 8 days
    • 60 hours in 7 days
  • Canadian Cycles
    • 70 hours in 7 days
    • 120 hours in 14 days

Ensures you meet the cycle reset requirements before switching.

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Worried about trip inspections?

We make sure you fill out the necessary pre and post-trip details so you can pass CDL trip inspections with ease.

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Whether you’re on the road or at the office, our team of experts are only one call away to help.

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