Ready to simplify Hours Of Service compliance?

Drivers can learn to use Switchboard with no training.

The Switchboard ELD makes it near impossible to get violations.

Easy Hours of Service

Drivers will know exactly how much time is left for each hours-of-service rule at all times.

Travelling between the US and Canada?
We have you covered on both sides of the border.

Switching Cycles

Drivers can pick their preferred cycle in 3 clicks.

Keeps track of both US and Canada cycles so you stay compliant when crossing the border.

Trip Inspection Ready

Pass CDL inspections with ease

The app ensures the proper pre-trip and post-trip details are inputted before going on duty.

Ready to simplify compliance?

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Want more?

Take your operations to the next level with our unified suite of fleet management solutions.

Intelligent Driver Alerts

GPS & Geo-fencing

Automated IFTA Reports

Dispatch Communications

Weigh Station Bypass

Trailer Tracking

Weigh Station Bypass

Trailer Tracking