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Daily Breakdown of IFTA Mileages

Mileage Calculator

PC miler alternative - auto-generate mileage traveled per region for any driver

Automated IFTA Reports

Get your fleet's quarterly mileage automatically calculated by state/province

Fuel Card Upload

Upload any CSV from your drivers' fuel cards to automate fuel cost reporting

Complete IFTA reporting and filing in minutes, not days

Instant IFTA reporting per state/province

Whether it’s for your entire fleet or a single driver, Switchboard automatically calculates mileage traveled per region with a combination of GPS tracking and odometer readings.

Generate mileage reports for any driver

Whether you need to plan routes, or manually audit driver mileage reports, Switchboard’s free PC miler alternative automates the entire process.

Upload receipts from any fuel card

Save hours managing different CSV formats and lining up data with your drivers’ mileage.

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