Skip with Weigh Station Bypass

Deliver more loads in less miles.

Stop wasting time at the weigh station – drive on by with Switchboard’s Weigh Station Bypass features.

Learn to use it in under 1 minute

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Get a notification when your truck is nearing a weigh station

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If you are allowed to skip the weigh station, a 'Bypass' sign and green circle pops up.


If you are not approved to bypass, a sign telling you to pull in, along with a red circle will pop up.

800 Sites in 47 States/Provinces

Switchboard Bypass enables you to skip:

  • 512 Weigh Stations and Agricultural Inspection Sites
  • 313 Operation Mobile Inspection Sites
Pick the shortest route for each trip without worrying about Weigh Stations along the way.
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Save Time & Money

Switchboard Bypass saves its users $120/month per truck on average in fuel cost and productive time.


Safety + Compliance

Reduce risk with fewer lane changes, highway lineups, and merging. Never miss a required inspection with on-screen notifications.


No Transponders

There is no need to deal with complicated transponder management. Bypass is fully integrated with our ELD app. Just plug and play.


Simplify & Talent

For fleets – drivers are 3x more likely to work for a company with weigh station bypass capabilities. 

Ready to start skipping weigh stations?

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